The Brand Story

Since 2011 we've been working with the team at Ubisoft. Our work has included concept development, key art design, packaging, trailers, advertising and brand design direction.

In 2012, we took a look at the existing and felt that it could be improved upon. So we introduced them to a new digital platform that utilizes big, beautiful browsing and streamlined content organization which results in a framework set-up to better connect consumers to the world of Ubisoft.


Planning the Framework

The proposed was designed to connect consumers with the games they love... characters, stories, content and all things affiliated with the brand.

Our overall philosophy behind the approach was to simply deliver the content that gamers want while allowing the brand to entice and engage them. The entire site framework is intended to provide unique content at every level while encouraging consumers to dive deeper and become more emerged in the gaming experience Ubisoft provides.


Outlining the framework and content strategy

We wanted to bring things together on two fronts. First, we focused on the user experience and secondly, we wanted to ensure that the brand could push content in a way that was aligned with user behaviors.


Thinking Visually

Ubisoft and their titles are visually beautiful and we wanted to make sure that the new site framework allowed things to shine. With famous properties like Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and the highly anticipated Watch Dogs, our approach enables the key art and graphic content to be leveraged to the fullest.


Designing the Experience

As we approached the redesign, we wanted to utilize and implement an understated, minimal design that allows the games and their content to shine. The browsing experience is based around a visually engaging content stream that allows users to view titles, media, news and fun facts.

From an aesthetic stand-point, we built the site on a light color palette so the images and graphics could really pop off the screen and make it easy for the viewer to browse between the different sections and differentiate content.

Breaking down the game detail page structure

The game detail pages is the most important page of the Ubisoft site. It is where the user learns about the title they are interested in and ultimately decides if they would like to add it to their collection and purchase.

  1. 1

    Make Purchasing Easy

    We wanted to make sure users could easily purchase titles while viewing the detail pages. Because of this we implemented the buy now CTA into the fixed section header with options to select their preferred platform.

  2. 2

    Tell The Story

    What makes Ubisoft games so unique is their compelling storylines. On the detail pages, we put the game synopsis up top to introduce the game and lead the user down the page.

  3. 3

    Connect the Characters

    We wanted to ensure we set-up the detail pages in a way that enabled us to show the distinct personalities, roles and traits that each character provides to the gaming experience.

  4. 4

    Showcase the Visuals

    Along with the storyline, the visuals behind the game drive its success. Because of this we implemented a media section that enables users to easily browse the videos and screenshots associated with the title.

  5. 5

    Get Technical

    We created a section that allows UBI to promote the new technology behind the game.These enhancements are what makes the gaming experience seem real.

  6. 6

    Recap Features

    As the user reaches the bottom of the page we wanted to recap the features for them before giving them an exit path to other sections of the Ubisoft site.

  7. 7

    Guide the User

    To enhance the user experience and encourage discovery we provided exit links to other content that we feel is of interest.

Corporate Info All In-Line

Discovery and scanabilityare key when it comes to browsing a site and instead of requiring our users to browse various sub-sections about Ubisoft, we streamlined things into one beautiful page.

  1. 1

    Introduce the Company

    Ubisoft is third largest game development company in the world and we wanted to introduce them right away on the about section.

  2. 2

    Clear & Simple CTA's

    Users will visit the about section for various reasons and our central navigation enables them to easily find what they are looking for.

  3. 3

    Dynamic Timeline

    Ubisoft was founded in 1986 and over the 20+ years they have released numerous ground-breaking titles and industry changing technologies.

    This timeline will take users through the journey.

  4. 4

    Top Titles

    After our users have viewed the timeline we are enabling them to discover the hit brands Ubisoft has developed by pushing them to the product detail page.

  5. 5

    Company News

    At the bottom of the about section we have provided a news / press section that enables the user to view the recent happenings connected to the UBI brand and its titles.